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Design and shaping of eyebrows with thread


eautiful brows according to your face and eyes.


What is eyebrows design with a thread?


Eyebrows design with a thread (threading) means a specially chosen shape of eyebrows that fits you, emphasizing the expression and appeal of your eyes.


Taking into account the location of your eyes, nose and face shape, height and width of your forehead and many other details our specialists in 30 minutes will make your eyebrows look perfect. We will help you to hide

Design and shaping of eyebrows with thread

small imperfections, like effect of tired eyes or effect of sad eyes.With a properly chosen shape of eyebrows we can make an oblong face look more round, low forehead look higher or correct an asymmetric face...


 How does threading work?


A specialist captures hair  and pulls them out  together with their roots,  using a cotton thread, that is doubled, then twisted in a special way.  Epilation with thread is also used to get rid of unwanted hair on the upper lip and chin. The result lasts up to 3-4 weeks. After each subsequent procedure your hair grow weaker, and the number of hair is reducing, this is why with the time the result could last much longer.


 Why we use thread?


- During a threading skin is not damaged, as it is not stretched or heated or treated with any chemicals. The thread affects only the hair itself.

- Only with a thread a perfectly straight line of the eyebrows could be obtained, because the thread removes even the shortest and thinnest hair.

- Thread removes hair with roots without breaking them as tweezers do. This is why threading never leaves “black dots" or ingrown hair.

- There is no skin irritation after threading.

- Threading doesn´t so painful as epilation with tweezers or wax.

- A long-term effect is guaranteed.


Design and shaping of eyebrows with thread in Monalico includes not just a selection of the ideal eyebrow shape and threading epilation, but if needed, we tint  eyebrows with a semi-permanent color, trim them and make ironing of rebellious  eyebrows.


 You will be pleasantly surprised how much more beautiful, expressive and more bright your look will be with well-groomed correctly shaped eyebrows.




What is the difference between the Techniques?

  You can read more.

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Only general introductory information is written on the page. The most detailed difference in techniques is explained by the center specialist.


Taking into account your wishes and the state of your eyebrows, we will help you choose the eyebrow shape that best suits you.