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Common Questions Eyelash Extensions

1. Can Eyelash Extensions get Wet?


It is recommended to avoid wetting them between the first 24-48 hours. After that, you should gently clean your eyes once a day with lukewarm water exclusively with the use of your fingers and never using removal pads. Never rub the eye.


2. What Facial Hygiene Products Work With Eyelash Extensions?


It is crucial to remember how important it is to clean your eyes at least once a day even if you’re not wearing makeup, and –above all – to use oil-free products, since the use of them would make the glue dissolve, causing our eyelashes to fall.


3. Can I Wear Make-up Without any Problems While Having Eyelash Extensions?


Of course you can! But you should bear in mind that only some products will work; otherwise, your eyelashes will fall. If you want to wear mascara, you should use the ones water-based. If you want to use eyeliner, it is very important for it not to be waterproof, so that the removal becomes easy. Finally, the rest of makeup, such as eyeshadows, eyeliners, among others, should be oil-free.


4. What Should be Avoided When Having Eyelash Extensions and We Want Them to Last Longer?


In order for our eyelash extensions to last longer, we should be really careful with them. We should never rub the eye and we should avoid sleeping on our stomach or on our side, since if the eyelash extensions get bent, they will no longer stay stuck on our own eyelash, causing it to fall.

Moreover, we should never tear our eyelashes! If they discomfort you, do not hesitate to call us and we will remove them for you for free only if they have been done at our center. Tearing the eyelash extension will cause your own natural eyelash to be teared as well.


Another advice would be avoiding places in high heat and humidity such as any sauna units. Also, it is very important NOT to use eyelash curler when having eyelash extensions, since – besides it being unnecessary – it will bend the extension, causing it to fall.


5.  Can I Dye or Perm My Eyelashes While Having Eyelash Extensions?


As it happens with the eyelash curler, if you dye your eyelashes, apart from it being completely unnecessary, the eyelash will get bent, causing it to fall.


6. Is it Painful?


You should not be afraid of this treatment, since you will be lying on a stretcher with your eyes closed. It is a relaxing moment where in fact many of our clients fall asleep! As for the pain, it is non-existent, since the extensions are applied on the natural eyelash without touching the eyelid. Therefore, you will not feel absolutely anything.


7. How Long do They Last?


They last as much as natural eyelashes do; that is to say, between 4 and 6 weeks. Once they fall it is because another eyelash is growing. We strongly recommend coming to the center and refilling them every 2 or 3 weeks in order to have a constant flawless look.


 We would also like to say that people that have had cancer can also get eyelash extensions only after 3 months once the treatment has finished.


8. How Many Extensions are Applied?


In Monalico we apply one-by-one eyelash extensions. For instance, if the client has 90 eyelashes in each eye, 90 will be applied in each eye.

Therefore, if the client has 200 eyelashes in each eye, 200 will be applied. These eyelashes can vary in terms of length and thickness depending on each client’s preference.


9. Do They Damage Our Own Eyelashes?


Eyelash extensions do NOT damage our own eyelashes, since they are applied on the root without touching the eyelid, which allows the normal growth of our own eyelash.


Once our own eyelash falls (due to another growing eyelash), the extension falls as well. Una vez cae la pestaña natural, cae también la extensión.


10. What are The Differences Between the Permanent Dyeing and Eyelash Extensions?


The permanent dye causes the curling of the eyelash and the coloring of it, which will only be noticed if your own eyelashes are blonde.

Should they be dark, no difference will be noticed. In order to do this treatment, aggressive products are used which burn the eyelash. Therefore, it is recommended not to do it too often and some rest between each treatment should be considered.


However, thanks to the eyelash extensions, your eyelashes will look more voluminous, longer, darker, fuller and more curled. Moreover, it is possible to change your look modifying the shape of your eye (more open or more almond-shaped.

Besides, you can refill them every month without being afraid of damaging your own natural eyelashes and you will always look perfect. Nevertheless, we recommend our eyelash extension “addicts” to rest from them at least 80 days once a year.


11. Are Eyelash Extensions Made out of Natural Hair?


The eyelash extensions are made out of synthetic hair. They are not made out of animals or any other living being. If it were this case, serious allergies would take place in all our clients. The name given is just because of the achieved effect.


12. Can Anyone Get Eyelash Extensions?


Eyelash extensions are for everybody, except for people allergic to them. In Monalico, our allergy rate is very low, since our glue is 70% natural. If you are allergic and you are afraid of getting an allergic reaction, we can do a test before starting the treatment.



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