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Microblading in Barcelona

Eyebrow Design: microblading What is it?

Microblading is a beauty treatment which allow to modify the shape and the color of eyebrows.


It is ideal to darken, touch up or modify underpopulated brows. This is the last and newest technique in the creation of eyebrow design made hair by hair, within semi-permanent cosmetic industry.




Microblading Barcelona english

We are talking about a method very easy to realize, quick to heal, long lasting and characterized by an absolutely natural aspect.


How is it carried out?


It is performed placing pigments in the epidermis, the upper layer of our skin, using a special microblading pen (Slope edge with 14 tips) that allow a 3D design. The strokes we can achieve, with this technique, are really defined and there is no “spilling”.


Microblading uses inorganic pigments with natural base, that are hypoallergenic. This pigments blend with the color of your skin and hairs, thus giving to your eyebrows a very natural look.

Microblading Cejas Perfectas


The results of Microblading reach an efect of total realism and naturalness. The fact that the pigment remains implanted in the epidermis allow the stroke of hair to be really clear. Both in men and women, an increase of eyebrow is achieved even in the most underpopulated areas, that afford



Microblading proceso
Microblading para todos
Cejas Perfectas barcelona Microblading
Resultados de Microblading



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Only general introductory information is written on the page. The most detailed difference in techniques is explained by the center specialist.


Taking into account your wishes and the state of your eyebrows, we will help you choose the eyebrow shape that best suits you.