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For the eyelash extensions lovers, it is recommended to rest from the treatment at least 80 days (1 month and a half). Therefore, after having had the treatment after a whole year, it is recommended to remove them and do a rest from them.

Removing Eyelash Extensions Barcelona

In order to remove them, it is crucial to come to the center since here we remove them with the help of a special cream that destroys the glue and does not damage the natural eyelash.


Under no circumstances should you tear the extension, since your own eyelash would also be teared as well as your root.


Moreover, this action may cause problems for our own eyelash to grow. Since the removal of the extensions has to be done with the eyes closed, it is not possible to do it at home by yourself, so you should get to the center in order for us to do it correctly without damaging the natural hair, without causing pain, and in a really fast way.



What is the difference between the Techniques?

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Facial Hair Removal.


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Only general introductory information is written on the page.

The most detailed difference in techniques is explained by the center specialist.